Algonquin Time

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I had a request to paint a number of sketches of places up in the park earlier this month. I have been up there countless times and have a trip planned for the first week in May. I go up there every year for the opening of trout season to spend a few days fishing and painting. I usually head to the northern edge of the park in early May – there is often still snow on the ground. There are no leaves out yet and the fiddleheads are just poking through the leaf litter.

This year we are going to Kiosk. I have been in there before and there is lots of good fishing to be done. We troll for lake trout in the big lakes using copper lines and William’s wobblers tipped with minnow heads. On the creeks we’re using light tackle and small spinners for brook trout. The painting is pretty good too. There are lots of creeks and little lakes that are close by, providing great views.

aglonquin 4

If the weather cooperates, I paint in the morning and early afternoon and then gear up to fish for a few hours till dusk, hopefully catching something for the pan.

Check out my next post in a couple of weeks for the results of the trip.

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