It snowed yesterday – and that’s good news.


A strange thing happens to us after the first snow – even if that’s on Oct.30 – fall is over, winter begins. For me the requests for winter paintings start on the same day. Not that I don’t like fall, but I have had a long a couple of months painting fall pictures and it’s time for a change. I wanted to show one painting in particular – a picture of a windy fall day on Lake Superior. I tried to capture the scudding clouds and the bold white caps and deep blue water that you always see on these types of days. There is just a hint of orange in the cedar trees along the shore.

All of my fall canvases were the result of many sketches and here is a small portion of them. The subject matter comes from various travels – Kawarthas, Superior, Killarney.

fall montage

And so, winter is now on the go… here are the first 2 paintings. Both are interesting in that they are of winter but the pallet is intentionally all very warm – pinks, purples, reds, and oranges. It is the management of the colour and of course the subject that provides the “cool” in these paintings.





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