Painting in Gaspe


I spent a few days earlier in the summer on a tour through Quebec City and then on to Tadoussac. Tadoussac is the place where the Saguenay River joins the St. Lawrence River. It is a paradise for a painter – every direction is a painting to be done. Deep blue water, rocky cliffs and big, big skies. The town itself has it’s charm – specifically the white clapboards and red roofs of the hotels and churches perched up above the cove.

gaspe 8



The surrounding bluish green hills, and sparkling water created many opportunities to work on landscapes full of light and atmosphere. Of particular interest to me on this trip was the rendering of distance – far shoreline, distant mountains, clouds. With these paintings I hoped to work on the effects of light and colour seen across a distance. Using similar motifs but changing the tone I was able to practice these effects. Here are some of the results.

gaspe 3


gaspe 4

gaspe 10


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