sketching up a larger painting

north of superior

There are a number of larger paintings that have been requested. So today I am doing some sketching to find 2or 3 that will make good large pictures. A number of things are worked out at 8X10. Composition, colour, tone. And ultimately I can see if this is something I want to enlarge.

The sketch above dark trees in foreground, and a glimmer of light on the hills behind should enlarge well.

birches on river

Birches on a river in winter.

thin pines

small islands filled with stunted pines – this is pretty dark and a bit graphic looking.


the steamers coming out of Gravenhurst – I think this could be a great paining with a little adjustment in composition.

The top and bottom sketches are good candidates for 30 x 40, but I will continue to cast around for some more ideas.

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